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BEST Time to go Shopping of the decade: Saturday morning at Urbana’s Market at the Square

From our BEST Food + Drink of the decade feature:

You may recall that this was an entry in WORST 2017, and suffice to say that it went over about as well as a lead balloon. I will dismiss the idea that I am not funny, and the idea that people are too sensitive. Instead, I choose to believe that no one actually read the entry, but instead just looked at the header and cried fowl. (Get it? The market logo is a rooster! Told you I’m funny.)

Allow me to be clear here: Urbana’s Market at the Square and Common Ground Food Coop are awesome. Saturday mornings in the summer are among the best times to go shopping, obviously. Look at the spread of goods we have available to us. The market gets better every year, and we’re truly lucky to have access to such amazing producers and vendors.

And since I have your attention, I kindly ask that you (re-)read my WORST entry from 2017 to see if your reading comprehension has improved in two years. (Jess Hammie)

Photo by Jess Hammie

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