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BEST New Music Organization of the decade: Girls Rock! C-U

From our BEST Music of the decade feature:

The future prospects of this amazing upstart chapter of Girls Rock! is, in some ways, representative of what the next decade of music and learning might look like. In short, this is an organization devoted to teaching young girls and gender non-conforming kids about what it means to play in a band, comprehensively. The weeklong summer camp has workshops, special guests, defined curriculum, lessons, and rehearsals, which culminates with a live show at the end of week, open to the public, replete with merchandise from the bands that they made themselves. All of this is presented and designed by women and gender non-confirming people, who are doing it mostly as a labor of love. This is what community looks like. 

To watch it from a distance, it’s amazing. To see it up close, it is overwhelming and so full of promise, you are genuinely inspired and reminded about the ways the world, and this city, still succeed. 

Now, it needs robust support, and that means funding. There’s no telling how impactful something like this might be if we give them a sporting chance. You can donate right now, actually. Tomorrow night (Friday December 13) at The Rose Bowl, there is a sweet benefit show featuring a handful of amazing performers doing songs from the best women in country music. This organization is already incredible. Imagine if they could create a situation where it was someone’s full time job to just do this? What if there were two people, or more, who did it? (Seth Fein)

Photo by Veronica Mullen

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