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BEST Festival of the decade: ELLNORA: The Guitar Festival

From our BEST Music of the decade feature:

Having dropped the curtain on the eighth edition just a few months ago, ELLNORA: The Guitar Festival has spent the last decade cementing its place as one of the world’s preeminent celebrations of guitar music in every style.

The festival has gained worldwide attention and acclaim, as well it should; there are few, if any, events that shine this kind of spotlight on the breadth and scope of guitar artists from around the globe, packing it all into a single three-day event. And we would argue that there are none that do as much justice to the instrument and the artists as ELLNORA. The list of past performers — including Buddy Guy, Derek Trucks, Ani DiFranco, Andy Summers, Daniel Lanois, Samantha Fish, and many more — reads like a virtual string-strummers hall of fame, and every two years that list grows to include even more fleet-fingered luminaries who make a stop right here in our town.

All of us here at Smile Politely — along with the rest of the Chambana community — look forward to another decade of discovering new artists, enjoying exceptional performances, and wishing we didn’t have to wait two years for the next one. (Jason Brown)

Photo by Eric Frahm

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