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BEST new restaurants of the decade: #3, Sakanaya

From our BEST new restaurants of the decade feature:

If you’ve ever been to Sakanaya on Green Street in the midst of this newest era of Campustown, you know that getting in the door is sometimes the hardest part of eating at this restaurant. It’s nice that there is an app to help alleviate the wait time struggle; this is a place that demanded it. If getting a seat at this restaurant is the problem, things are probably going very well and that restaurant should just continue to keep doing what they are doing.

The thing I love about Sakanaya is that it is simultaneously both upscale and casual. The modern touches and design makes you feel like you’re in a secret hole-in-the-wall restaurant while at the same time getting a quick bite with your best friend. Ramen, bento, sushi, chicken wings, and beyond, Sakanaya is a restaurant that feels familiar while tasting extraordinary. As Jin Park continues to create restaurants, Sakanaya remains the one that feels like a secret even though it is a favorite go-to spot. (Patrick Singer)

Photo by Veronica Mullen

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