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BEST Short-lived Restaurant of the decade: Carmon’s

From our BEST Food + Drink of the decade feature:

In the earlier portion of the decade, Carmon’s Bistro existed. But if you blinked, you might’ve missed it — it was only open for about a year. But when it did exist, it was really something.

The new installment of Carmon’s kept the same name as the previous greasy-spoon diner before it. And though I can’t confirm this with certainty, I believe they kept the name of the restaurant because of the amazing neon signed that faced Washington Street. The new Carmon’s was much different than the old one that shared the name, though. This French bistro-style restaurant had a ton of delicious offerings, mixed with an approachable atmosphere, a lovely bar, friendly staff, and solid price point to boot. The restaurant didn’t last very long for reasons most people won’t ever know because of the intricacies of the relationships that were managing it. As we focus on the best food and drink of the decade, it is important to understand the delicate balance needed to make a restaurant work comprehensively.

There was a ton packed into that blip of a calendar year. It felt like it was around for much longer than it was, while simultaneously feeling short-lived. You can see some of the initial menu offerings here in our review, but they did all sorts of things within that year, from pop-up dinners with excellent fried chicken-shack themes, to live music on their patio and more. With a menu that had a few iterations, their delivery was just superb, and the restaurant’s closure has left a void that really hasn’t been filled in C-U since. There was just a really special warmth about the place that isn’t easily replicated, but when you notice elements of it elsewhere, you remember what it was like for even a brief moment, and miss it just a little bit more. (Patrick Singer)

Photo by Justine Bursoni

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