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Academy High was admitted to the IHSA

Academy High, an independent college-prep school, has just received the recognition needed to be a part of the Illinois High School Association. This allows students to compete against other Illinois schools in athletics and other activities. From the press release:

Academy High students already had begun discussions of forming a track and field team in anticipation of the ISBE status and will now be able to participate in area events.

“The prospect of our Academy High students toeing the starting line this spring is exciting indeed, particularly for our Founding Freshman who will now have the chance to represent the very school they have played such an instrumental role in creating,” Carpenter said.

Candidate schools receive state recognition after completing measures in 30 specific performance standards. Academy High achieved a perfect 100 percent in all 30 areas and also received praise for the quality and thoroughness of documents submitted for compliance.

Top photo from Academy High website.

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