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Uniting Pride created an LGBTQ+ affirming business directory

From a recent Facebook post:

This past week, there were blatant acts of homophobia and transphobia displayed in our community. These acts sought to ostracize, exclude, and bully members of our LGBTQ+ community–actions which are contradictory to our city’s missions and values.

In response to these actions, and to help our LGBTQ+ communities find welcoming and affirming spaces to gather, we have created an “LGBTQ+ Affirming Business Directory”. This Directory will feature a list of businesses and organizations that offer a welcoming space for queer folks in Champaign County, have read and agreed to our “LGBTQ+ Affirming Business Standards”, and are dedicated to creating an inclusive community in Champaign County.

There are just a few businesses currently listed, as it’s a new endeavor, but you can email Program Director Darya Shahgheibi at to have your business added. 

Uniting Pride has also created a directory for LGBTQ+ affirming health care providers in C-U. You can find that here.

Photo from The UP Center of Champaign County Facebook page.

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