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Radio killed the online magazine

This evening at 5:30 p.m., Smile Politely kicks off its latest move to preserve our domination of the local media with the launch of Smile Politely Radio on WEFT (90.1 FM). Though we’ve done a couple of podcasts, this is the beginning of a regular weekly program that will highlight and enhance the content we offer on the website. Each week, we will have a featured weekly guest and segments from the regular SP contributors you’ve grown to love (or hate) over the last couple of years.

When we first came out with the idea for a radio show, WEFT was our first choice from the beginning. We believed that both organizations share common ideals, and we hoped we could start a partnership that would enhance the content each offers. To us, it’s a homerun becaue we’re both mostly volunteer driven, we both provide options that aren’t available anywhere else and were both community-focused — in our content and with our staff.

As we begin our show, WEFT is in the middle of their bi-annual pledge drive. So if you’re as excited as we are about this opportunity, please let them know you support us by supporting them. WEFT is an oft-overlooked C-U resource that is entering its 30th year, and they need the community’s support now more than ever. As some of you may be aware, these are difficult times for publicly supported radio stations.

Over the coming months we will  talk to the people and about the issues that make C-U so great — yet often get overlooked by the other media outlets in town. We will revisit some of our most popular articles and you can expect regular features on LOCAL food, restaurants, biking, entertainment, art, theatre, music, sports, politics, running, sexual health, GLBT issues and much more.

Tonight’s episode, which you can listen to on your FM radio dial at 90.1 or stream at, will feature:

  • An interview with SP contributor Brenda Koenig. She is going to expand on her article about the relocation of Champaign Central High School and what it means for the students, staff and community.
  • Joel Gillespie will interview Luke Thompson about Cranksgiving, an annual biking event that helps provide food to needy families in the C-U area.
  • And depending on time, we may have additional stuff as well. Please excuse our lack of commitment. We’ve never done one of these live things before.

Smile Politely Radio, like the SP website, is always accepting help from the community at large. If you have ideas for content or would like to become a contributor, please contact us at

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