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ESPN names Assembly Hall 8th loudest arena in college basketball

I’d link this, but I am guessing and hopeful that most of you aren’t dorks like me with annual memberships to the premium pay wall of the website:

8. Assembly Hall Illinois
Illini’s record at Assembly Hall 501-134 (.789)
Capacity: 16,618 | Student Seating: 3,000 (18.1%)
Student Alias: Orange Krush

The nation’s most monochromatic students surround the court at Assembly Hall. Unfortunately, just 700 Orange Krushers sit courtside, even though this is the second-largest arena on our list. Seriously, guys, get the undergrads some more floor seats!

The Big Ten’s loudest arena has its share of other acoustical issues as well, including the dreaded damping combo of efficient sound absorption and expansive building layout.

And I fully agree with the above point about the Krush. What gives with the weak ass seat allotment to the student section at U of I? As a Purdue fan, I am fine with it, but it’s pretty pathetic considering the number of folks with shovels next to their plots sitting just beside them.

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