Smile Politely

Which C-U bars and restaurants are you eager to visit this year?

New year, new decade, new you, right? As we discussed last month, there have been big changes in the Champaign-Urbana dining and drinking scene over the last ten years. It’s hard to keep up, even when it’s your job.

Are there bars and restaurants you’re looking forward to trying? Have you made your way through the list of the best restaurants of the decade (or at least the ones that are still open)? Which spots are on your must-visit list this year? Let us know.

Top image: A wedge of olive oil cake sits in the middle of a round, gray plate. The cake slice is dusted with powdered sugar, and a scoop of whipped mascarpone sits next to it. Cake slice is from NAYA. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

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