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Stone Creek Golf Club and Attie’s permanently closing this month

Here’s a piece of news from southeast Urbana: Stone Creek Golf Course and Attie’s Bar & Grill are set to close for good this month. Stone Creek will close on January 31st, and Attie’s will close on January 17th.

You can see the full announcement from their website, which discusses their plans to redevelop the land:


January 6, 2020

The Atkins Group Redeveloping Stone Creek

“Our company’s mission has always been the advancement and enriched development of our community,” said The Atkins Group spokeswoman, Kate Klipp. On behalf of the ownership of the Stone Creek Golf Course, we want to inform you that after several years of efforts to make the golf course a financially viable business we have not been successful in doing so. The golf course is suffering the same effects of other golf courses nationally including the waning demand for golf, the escalating operating costs, and essential capital improvements that are necessary to provide a level of golf experience that is consistent with the quality of its surrounding community within Stone Creek. As a result, the real estate solutions firm is moving forward with a long range plan to redevelop the Stone Creek Golf Course and Attie’s Bar and Grill. The object and design is to focus on environmentally-conscious conservation efforts that will enhance the aesthetic beauty and integrity of the property.

“We believe this will be a positive result and great outcome over the long run for the community,” said Spencer Atkins, Director of Development for The Atkins Group. “We are committed to the success of the master plan community of Stone Creek, but unfortunately, due the negative financial impacts of the golf business we are no longer able sustain the golf course as a viable business for this area. Consequently, we have done a lot of work in an effort to provide a development solution that will provide more natural green open space, walking trails and other community benefits.”

The transition of the golf course land is planned to provide the community with a balance and consistent master plan that preserves the natural topography and open space. As part of the planning efforts, we have commissioned an architectural and land planning firm to provide us with creative planning alternatives and responsible solutions as we seek to maintain and increase the high quality, integrity and value of existing homes and remaining land within the Stone Creek community. The Atkins Group has a vested interest in making this a positive outcome for all constituents as we are still the majority owner of the remaining vacant land within the community. Residents of each subdivision will have the opportunity to preview the proposed land plan and design sketches as we want this to be a collaborative effort with the communities’ feedback as an important part of this process. We are excited to provide the master land plan information to the community including design features in Spring 2020.

As part of the transition plan, Kemper Sports, which has managed Stone Creek since 2012, will be handling the closure of the golf course operations. It is our plan to close Attie’s restaurant on January 17th and the Stone Creek Golf Course and Pro Shop on January 31. The public is encouraged to use any gift cards or coupons good for a wide variety of golf and Illini merchandise up to and prior to the closure date of the Pro Shop. Stone Creek will be working with the staff and customers to make this transition as best as possible in consideration for all. Additionally, we will be coordinating with current scheduled events that will be impacted by the closure to relocate to a new venue. We are glad to provide all paid season golf pass holders to receive a full refund; please contact the Pro Shop for accommodations.

  • Attie’s Bar and Grill will close January 17th, 2020
  • Stone Creek Golf and Pro Shop will close January 31st, 2020
  • Make sure to use your Pro Shop and Attie’s gift cards!
  • Contact Pro Shop to receive a full refund for all paid season golf passes: (217) 367-3000
Image: Full color photo of a flag hanging from a golf pin in the foreground, out of focus clubhouse building and landscape in the background. Photo from Stone Creek Golf Club’s Facebook page.

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