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Tim Beckman only made $200 from a speaking engagement

The News-Gazette uncovered some gold when they sought information regarding how much money University of Illinois coaches made in the last year. Of course, it’s interesting and cool to realize that golf coach Mike Small can make a small fortune entering PGA tour events and that for some reason Sue Novitsky had to report $50 made a jury duty.

But the real gold, the bombshell of this FOIA request from the newspaper is this:

In their most recent reports (2014), baseball’s Dan Hartleb received $2,800 for helping at camps; Beckman $200 for a speaking arrangement; and women’s basketball’s Matt Bollant $500 for speaking at clinics.

Tim Beckman, the head coach of a Big Ten football team, made less money for a speaking arrangement than a band at a full Mike N Molly’s beer garden. That’s not to take away from shows at MnM’s wonderful beer garden. It’s just bananas that Ol’ Half-a-Hat makes less money for a speaking engagement than the allegedly abusive and racist women’s basketball coach.

Another comparison, as our Publisher will enjoy, is that former Purdue basketball coach Gene Keady (who won 0 national titles and made 0 Final Fours) would cost between $5,000-$10,000.

If you’re reading this, Coach Beckman, I’ll happily book your next speaking engagements. We’ll split it right down the middle. 60% to me, 40% to you.

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