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This Jimmy John’s employee non-compete document is insanity

You’re most likely already familiar with this incident. Well, here’s some more bad news for the sandwich joint, which is headquartered in Champaign. Via Jezebel’s Kitchentte, posted yesterday, discussed this absurd non-compete document that all Jimmy John’s employees must sign. Here’s a couple of paragraphs to begin:

Huffington Post obtained a copy of a Jimmy John’s non-compete agreement that all employees are required to sign, no matter where they sit on the corporate food chain. The agreement states that after leaving Jimmy John’s for any reason, the employee cannot work for two years at any Jimmy John’s competitor. That would be crazy enough, but it gets even more Banana Town when you consider what Jimmy John’s apparently considers a “competitor”: any business that makes at least 10% of its revenues from sandwiches within three miles of ANY Jimmy John’s.

Basically, any former Jimmy John’s employee can’t work at ANY restaurant that serves sandwiches or even any business that provides sandwiches as a side service (10% of their revenue, remember) within three miles of any existing Jimmy John’s. A company spokeswoman refused to comment, because Jimmy John’s doesn’t give even a semblance of a fuck about basic human decency, and they’re scared that if they have to publicly comment on this issue, that’ll become blatantly obvious.

They’re not making this very easy on us, are they?

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