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Last chance to audition for Wintertime at the Station is tonight!

Taken from a Station Theatre press release:

The Celebration Company at The Station Theatre will hold its final round of auditions for Wintertime, a comedy, this Tuesday, October 14, from 7-10 p.m. The auditions will take place at the Station Theatre in Urbana.

The play, by Charles Mee, will be directed by Timothy O’Neal, who directed Orphans at the Station last season.

Auditioners may bring a prepared monologue or use a monologue from provided script excerpts! Performances are scheduled for December 4 through 20, 2014.

In this loopy operatic farce, the surreal collides with sex farce and the profound smashes up against slapstick. During a late December snowfall, Jonathan and Ariel, a young couple in love, arrive at Jonathan’s family summer house for a romantic getaway. Ready to propose marriage, Jonathan is interrupted by his mother Maria and her lover Francois, who have also decided to use the house for the weekend. This unexpected turn of events is followed by the arrival of Jonathan’s father Frank and his father’s lover Edmund who have also shown up for a romantic weekend. As pleasantries snowball out of control, Bertha, an elderly woman, bursts in and explains that her lover Hilda has fallen through a hole in the ice and is drowning. As the group frantically runs around gathering rescue equipment, Hilda enters alive and soaking wet. It does not take long for suspicions and jealousies to resurface, and soon all of the lovers demonstrate their frustration in a performance that is both operatic and farcical.

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