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This clip of Roger Ebert and Steve Harvey at 1998 NAACP Image Awards is a real treat

Over the weekend, this tweet came back through on my Twitter feed, and was such a delight I have to share it here because of its local relevance. The clip features Roger and Chaz Ebert at the 1998 NAACP Image Awards, which was hosted by Steve Harvey that year.

Roger Ebert and Harvey have a quick interaction, which seemed to be part of what he was doing throughout the ceremony, picking out audience members to identify clips from songs. Harvey asks Roger where his “partner” was (which admittedly as I was watching it initially, I was thinking Harvey was referring to Gene Siskel of Siskel & Ebert fame), in which Roger points out that his wife, Chaz, was sitting right next to him. The rest I won’t spoil for you, because the clip is too good. Plus, Chaz responded, so I’ve included that tweet here as well.

As the main author responds to his own tweet, “I promise this will improve your mood.”

Top image from Twitter.

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