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As Nas wins his first Grammy, take note: The album art was made by Harmonia Rosales

Legendary rapper Nas won his first Grammy yesterday, which is kind of hard to believe due to his prolific career chalk full of excellent and influential albums. So first off, congratulations to Nas, nice work.

Nas’ album, The King’s Disease, was released last August, and took home the award for Best Rap Album. The album’s incredible artwork was created by Harmonia Rosales, an artist who grew up in Champaign and is now based in Los Angeles. Rosales was born in Chicago. Her work is incredible, just take a look through her website to get a glimpse. Read more about how this all came to be, as Rosales shares the story behind the artwork in this interview. Check out the album art below.

Another fun fact: Nas performed here with Talib Kweli back in 2008.

Album art for Nas' album The King's Disease, featuring renaissance style themes, angelic figures colored in red, surrounded by flowers. Artwork by Harmonia Rosales.
Artwork by Harmonia Rosales.

h/t to Cathy McCarthur.

Top images from Harmonia Rosales’ website.

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