Smile Politely

There’s a giant mechanical gorilla in Dallas & Co.

Earlier today, we somewhat randomly ventured into Dallas & Co., being in the Midtown neighborhood for another commitment beforehand. Perhaps I am late to the game on this one (or I didn’t notice it because typically my trips to the store are around the bonkers Halloween time where it is busy as hell in there), but there’s a giant mechanical gorilla that exists there. 

It’s roughly 12 feet tall. It moves and makes noises with the push of a button.

The bottom of where it stands is about 6 feet high, and standing on the other side is another huge duo of Alien and Predator (from the films), and an enormous spider (to the left). Perhaps you’re in need of one of these things for your next occasion? Maybe you aren’t, but it was still worth capturing. Go find it if you’re in there next, you won’t be able to miss it thereafter.

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