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Take a fall picture with Mr. Eggward and you can win baked goods

Champaign Center Partnership would like you to cozy up to Mr. Eggward this month and share your C-U fall experiences with him. He’s a polarizing figure around here, even within the Smile Politely universe (see here and here), but he is a very recognizable piece of downtown Champaign.

Here’s how to participate in their Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall contest:

1. Purchase anything that suits your fall fancies – a pumpkin spice latte, hot cider, cozy scarf… from a local business!
2. Take a photo of your fall purchases with Mr. Eggwards (located in front of Esquire Lounge Inc on Walnut Street in Downtown Champaign)
3. Post your photo as a comment here and tag the local business you purchased your item from. Bonus points for sharing the post!

Entries must be posted by noon on October 29th, then the winner will be announced at the Champaign Farmers Market that evening. If you win you will get a Pumpkin Remoulade from Central Illinois Bakehouse, to be picked up the week of Thanksgiving. And of course the pride and glory and all that. 

And hey, let’s keep it classy people. Mr. Eggwards had to have some refreshing done last year because people had been messing with him and he was all marked up. 

Photo from Champaign Center Partnership Facebook page

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