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Parkland Theatre presents Evening of One-Act Plays

On March 13th and 14th, Parkland College Theatre will mount its 24th annual Student Production, a collection of one-act plays directed and performed by Parkland Theatre students.

The performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be presented in Parkland’s new Second Stage black box theater space. Seating is limited, so reservations should be made sooner rather than later. And, while admission is free, donations are appreciated.

The shows, casts, and directors are as follows (per the Parkland website):


Written by: Kobo Abe
Directed by: Ryan Fleming

A stick falls from the sky and is found by a hippie boy and hippie girl. Little do the two know that the stick is actually a human man. Then, a man from hell and a woman from hell come to take or buy the stick from the hippie boy and girl. After a long discussion, the hippie boy sells the stick (his soul) to the man from hell. While all of this is happening, we learn more about “the stick” and why he turned into what he now is. Thus, the audience will learn how we may avoid becoming sticks ourselves.

The cast features David Dillman, Chey Drew, Nathanael Fryer, Warren Garver, Justin Klett, and Jelinda Smith.


Written by: Romulus Linney
Directed by: Katie Odom
A talented and troubled young director is recruited by a New York producer to direct a showing of Ibsen’s Ghosts when the lead actress’s ideas of the play seem to strike a very sensitive and personal nerve. Through the course of this short but moving one act, bits of the human condition are explored along with the deep seeded bonds that are formed between mother and son in this captivating one act play.

The cast features Warren Garver, Evan Seggebruch, Teri Sturdyvin, Chelsea Tyler.


Written by: D. M. Larson
Directed by: Jace Jamison

Three extraordinary people come together in an effort to rid themselves of their super human responsibilities with the help from The Doctor. Through ups and downs, they must decide if it’s worth being normal, or if they are better off being super.

The cast features David Dillman, Chey Drew, Justin Klett, Evan Seggebruch, Jelinda Smith, and Teri Sturdyvin.

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