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Columbia Street Roastery demos the pourover method

Admittedly, I am a coffee plebe. I know there are all kinds of different beans and methods to brewing a nice cup of joe but I’ve just never really had the nerve to explore any further than ordering the house coffee, black.

At my house though, is a kettle that’s constantly on the stove. Nearby is a coffee grinder with a little blue light that shines when it’s plugged in. And usually next to that is a weird funnel-like thing with some paper in it. Every morning, my roommate makes some noise in the kitchen for awhile and then I smell coffee. One cup. Perfectly brewed. 

On a remote corner of our countertop sits a Keurig machine. Sad. Alone. Unused. An arsenal of K-Cups sits in a drawer. They won’t see the light of day. It’s over for them. They’ve been defeated by the pourover method.

Truthfully, without ever really paying attention, I had no idea how those three things came together to form that perfect cup of coffee. Well, until today.

Today, I noticed that Columbia Street Roastery produced a video explaining the pourover process to me and I was intrigued. I watched. And now I want coffee.

This video is wonderfully produced, by the way. It’s worth your time to check out and maybe learn a new way to brew some coffee and if you’re so inclined, pop over to Columbia Street Roastery and tell them that the coffee plebes want more videos. 


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