Smile Politely

News-Gazette endorses Schweighart

A fairly predictable development, sure, but the article is definitely worth a read.  Here’s a quick teaser:


If he’s a little too rough around the edges for some, Schweighart remains a personable, approachable public figure who’s always willing to help out. Although he was criticized by some last year for his remarks about President Obama’s birth certificate, that faux controversy has no bearing on his ability to perform his mayoral duties.


But there’s always room for a fresh face in politics, and, for those who desire change, Gerard is a sound choice despite never holding elective office. We are, however, troubled by his consistent refusal to say who is funding his campaign. Gerard is not required to identify contributors until the election is over, but that information will be of little value to voters then. He does acknowledge receiving union support, but with plans to spend a staggering $20,000 on the race, he should be more forthcoming about his funding sources. Schweighart estimated he will spend $13,000-$15,000




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