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Champaign County 2010 Census snapshot

Two big census data stories of the past couple days are the 25% drop in population in Detroit since 2000, and the increasing numbers of black folks, particularly younger ones, moving out of northern cities and to the South.

The New York Times yesterday morning had an interactive map of census data that has some pretty interesting data.  For Champaign County:

Population for 2010: 281,081. An 11.9% increase.
Share of population  and  percent change.
White: 71%  +2%
Black: 12%  +23%
Hispanic: 5%  +104%
Asian:  9%  +55%
Native Am: 0%  +4%
Multi-Racial: 2%  +49%

(Ed. Note: Also, C-U Citizen Access has put together some excellent maps of Champaign-Urbana noting its racial divide. Check them out here.)

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