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Near-miss on basketball with Built to Spill

Item: Last night after the Built to Spill show at the Highdive, Common Loon’s Robert Hirschfeld and Matt Campbell thought they had enticed BtS frontman Doug Martsch to continue the evening with a little roundball. The Idaho band had shown previous tendencies in this direction, playing some pickup near Stratton Elementary after load-in that afternoon.

Since it was 1 a.m., Doug Hoepker drove around looking for a lighted court, finally finding one at Scott Park (2nd and Springfield). However, by that point Martsch had cooled off and cooled on the idea. Above is a photo of Martsch breaking the bad news to Campbell and Hoepker (as the bassist from Revolt Revolt looks on). Many disappointed fist bumps were exchanged soon after this photo was taken. Martsch did promise to hoop it up at noon the next time his band plays C-U (ETA: 2015).

Photo by Gillian Gabriel

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