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Getting to know Ted Leo through Funny or Die

I had hoped to interview New-Jersey-by-way-of-Notre-Dame punk Ted Leo (oh, and maybe a Pharmacist or two) for a preview of his show Saturday night at Krannert, but alas, I cannot force his publicist to return my emails.

However, in researching the interview that was not to be, I came across some pretty awesome videos on Funny or Die featuring Leo.


“It will make you all as rich as Creasus!”

On a related note, only 257 more people need to join this Facebook group and Paul F. Tompkins will play a show in C-U! Almost there! Please humor me and sign up!

Oh, and ever wonder what 20 years as a touring musician on a resume looks like to a hack in HR. Wonder no more:

As if a Golden Dome English degree wasn’t enough to open any door he needs.

So, yeah, good music, good sense of humor, and there should be green t-shirts available. And there are some Okkervil River and Roky Erickson people playing afterwards that I hear people are excited about. So there’s that.

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