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Joshua George wins London Marathon in a photo finish

Joshua George, an Olympic Gold medalist who lives in Champaign-Urbana, is on a tear lately. After winning Chicago last year, today brings news that he has also won in London after a photo finish. It’s the kind of dramatic finish that has you yelling at your computer while your neighbors look at you funny from across the street:

A few years back, he wrote a couple articles for us at Smile Politely examining the history of wheelchair athletics both here, and the world over. 

Basically, he is a boss, and we love him. 

In other news, local Tatyana McFadden also won the Women’s division, but that is hardly news by now, as she is the best wheelchair racer worldwide, by far, no discussion, without question.
Needless to say, she’s giving Jean Driscoll a run for her money. 
Amanda McGrory, another Olympic Gold medalist who calls C-U home, finished third. She also has a badass website. Check it out at the link above. 
Three cheers for our locals today! We’re super proud. 

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