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College for Kids at Parkland celebrates its 35th year

Depending on who you speak with, some will tell you that your college-aged years are the best of your life. The wealth of knowledge gained on a collegiate campus and the time spent there is outstanding for students and faculty alike.

Growing up in a household where one of my parents worked for a university, I thought college was the coolest thing in the world. I wanted to go to college from a young age because I saw older young people enjoying themselves and having the freedom to learn what they wanted and do what they wanted on their own time.

My experiences on a campus as a youngster were really cool. I got to see what it was like to have students heading to class and going to the dining halls and hanging out outside of class. I was in awe and wished I could have participated in those experiences right then and there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a program for young people that I was able to be a part of.

Champaign has a program for kids like me at Parkland College. The College for Kids program is turning 35 years old this year and students in grades 3-8 are invited to participate. There’s two sessions taking place in June and July where students can explore a variety of subjects on a college campus. More details on the May registration can be found here.

It’s a great way for inquisitive young minds to stay sharp as they’re in the middle of their summer vacation. More than that, though, it gives young students to live life as a big shot on campus for a few days.

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