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Illinois Public Media presents Voter’s Edge Illinois online voter guide

Illinois Public Media has recently released Voter’s Edge Illinois, a free, nonpartisan online voter’s guide with Maplight, just in time for Illinois’ primary (which is on March 15th, if you were wondering).

From Illinois Public Media’s press release:

March 1, 2016 – Illinois Public Media is pleased to announce it is providing Illinois citizens with Voter’s Edge Illinois—a free, nonpartisan online voter guide—just in time for the 2016 primary election. This service is made possible through a partnership with MapLight, a nonpartisan research organization that tracks money in politics.

“Illinois Public Media is fortunate to partner with MapLight to bring Voter’s Edge’s trusted research and information to our audience and citizens across the state,” said Kimberlie Kranich, director of community content engagement at Illinois Public Media.

“Together we are able to provide sources of Congressional and Presidential campaign funds, news and analysis, the candidates’ political and professional experience, and more in time for the primary election.”

Illinois voters simply can go to and type in their zip code and home address to immediately view a full and personalized ballot. Along with their ballot, voters can:

  • View WILL news stories about the candidates and the election
  • Get information on sources of campaign financing for Congressional and Presidential races
  • See candidate biographies, top priorities, photos and more
  • Read summaries of select ballot measures
  • Check where, when, and how to vote
  • Track their choices to make voting easier.
  • Mark their choices, print their ballot and bring it with them to the polls on Election Day.

“Voter’s Edge Illinois makes it quick and easy for Illinois voters to get the unbiased information they need so they can decide for themselves how to vote,” said Daniel G. Newman, co-founder and president of MapLight. “In the polluted environment of negative political ads, it’s a breath of fresh air for voters.”

Voter’s Edge Illinois is ready for voters now, allowing plenty of time for citizens to get informed before the upcoming Illinois primary on March 15.

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