Smile Politely

Illini Linebackers Coach unsure of what success is

Well, having the 109th ranked defense in the NCAA is starting to make a bit more sense today. Ol’ Half-a-Hat’s linebackers coach, Mike Ward, doesn’t seem to understand the difference between success and failure. Thus, we already have our second public media blunder by the Illinois Football coaching staff in 2015. If you missed it, this was the first.

I think I get what Ward is trying to say here. You’re going to fail, but it’s important to keep your enthusiasm and work ethic in the face of adversity. That’s the path to success.

Except he said all of that with the grace and brevity of the head coach he followed here from Toledo.

Hell, who knows, I shouldn’t speak for Ward. Maybe that is actually the metric for success when you spend your entire career coaching NAIA and bad MAC Football.

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