Smile Politely

Holiday shopping reminder: Don’t be a dick

This is my last SPlog before Thanksgiving, a time usually considered a break from the grind and a celebration of family. Or at least it was before retail outlets started opening their doors and lowering their prices a little in advance of the dreaded Black Friday in order to drum up extra business.

And, of course, they wouldn’t do it if people weren’t willing to drop everything, holiday or not, and line up for a deal on a TV or a toy or whatever the hell it is they want.

Obviously, brick-and-mortar stores are up against more competition than ever, and the marketplace has never been a cushy place to exist, let alone coexist. So, by all means, support your local businesses. Whether it’s a Mom-and-Pop operation or a big box store, I’m fairly certain the people working the help desks and cash registers will be local folks.

All I ask, if you’re headed out this Thursday or Friday — or really any time this holiday season — to do some shopping, is this: Remember why it is you’re doing it. You’re buying a gift for someone else, probably, right? Ostensibly you’re out in the cold, waiting in line, braving the crowds because you’re thinking of someone else. So, while you’re at it, THINK OF SOMEONE ELSE. Think of your fellow shoppers. Think of the retail employees, baristas, and waitstaff in front of you. In other words, think of your fellow human beings.

But, I’ve said all this before.

Most importantly, be careful out there. And be of good cheer.

Tis the season, after all.

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