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A look inside Tarot Card Readings

I stopped in and talked to Margo about her roots and the services she provides at Psychic Tarot Card Readings. She also let me photograph the inside and some of the equipment she uses. My hope here is to provde an entertaining and educational perspective into the business. 

Margo moved from Los Angeles to Champaign and bought the building she currently occupies from Mark of Cain Tattoos. She prefers to be called a life coach instead of a psychic. However, she does claim to be able to see into your future. 

This is the main room where clients come to relax and wait for their session. Margo says that she is working on obtaining more spiritual artwork but the Champaign-Urbana area is lacking and she will have to travel to find spiritually charged pieces.

She was a career chef that read tarot cards on the side for family and friends. Eventually, the demand for her tarot card reading was enough that she could leave the cooking world and read cards full time. She says her grandmother inspired her. 

These are prayer sticks. Margo explains that Native Americans used to offer these as a gift to the gods for protection. She keeps them scattered throughout the building and particularly in the session room. 

This is the session room. On the table are the tarot cards. I asked to be in the room during a session but she requested I wait outside. I spoke to the person after the session and they reported that it was their first time and that she had been 70% accurate in what she said about them. 

Her rate is $45 per session. She mainly takes appointments but also accepts walk-ins and even makes house calls. She is working with 6-8 clients daily. She is also available for group sessions. You can request her services for a party or for when your entire family is going through a hard time. 

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