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Have you seen Homemade, With Love yet?

A “multimedia installation that brings together interior design, audio and visual art made with Black girls” Homemade, With Love: More Living Room, creates an intricate and impactful space within Krannert Art Museum. By asking “What would it mean to co-create and be in a homemade space of interior worldmaking imagined for and with Black girls, women, and femmes as part of their everyday creative livelihoods?” Homemade, With Love “seeks to merge local, national and global critical arts engagement with Black girls to curate a homemade space that centers Black girls’ creativity, design, and lived experience.”

With KAM by appointment visits now extended to Thursday evenings, you’ll definitely want to explore this important exhibit before it closes on July 3rd. What are waiting you? 

Top image from the Krannert Art Museum website.

Arts Editor

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