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Common Loon gets Daytrotter session

We’ve all been patiently (well, maybe not so patiently) awaiting any new material we can get from Common Loon since their stellar debut The Long Dream of Birds came out a few years back. Can you believe that came out in 2010? They got their chance at a Daytrotter session, which was released today. You can check out the whole thing over at the Daytrotter site. However, there’s a catch — if you haven’t signed up for Daytrotter previously, you’re in luck, and get a fourteen-day free trial with an email address. If you’ve signed up for free in the past (and your fourteen-day trial has expired), you’ll have to pay to hear the tracks. Or figure out a way around it with email addresses and such. We’ll leave that one up to you to figure out.

Anyways, we’ll take any version of new material we can get at this point, and this session features three new-ish / unreleased tracks (they’ve been playing these live for some time), plus the Birds standout “Happy Ending.”

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