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CNN prompts University to reopen investigation into Athletic Department

The Illinois Athletic Department saga continues as CNN’s investigation promted the University to reopen their own investigation into the scandals plaguing the department. This is a great read and you might remember the investigative reporter, Sara Ganim, from her time investigating the Penn State Football scandal in 2011.

CNN has spoken to 15 recently departed players on the football and women’s basketball teams, and they allege a wide range of misconduct and persistent bullying of athletes by coaches.

In addition, players and their families have complained to CNN that they were pressured to play through injuries that go far beyond the typical tough nature of college sports. In one case, a women’s basketball player says she was forced to play with an injured toe that ended up being diagnosed as a broken foot. Athletes on the football team also complained that injuries were not taken seriously — one recalling a time when coaches threatened from the sidelines that he would lose his scholarship as he limped across the field with a knee injury.

Read the whole article and watch this video package about the scandal here.

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