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BEST new restaurant concept: Cocktails to go

From our BEST 2020 feature:

BEST new restaurant concept: Cocktails to go

The new option to order cocktails to go has changed carryout this year. The best cocktails are right here in C-U: so many restaurants are serving up commendable cocktails. The best cocktail in town is the Hemingway cocktail from Hamilton Walker’s; it’s a boozy, bougie drink with a light grapefruit flavor that comes with an amarena cherry. The best margarita in town, hands down, is Esquire’s pineapple margarita, available in carryout growlers. The best martini (and the most affordable carryout cocktail I’ve had all year) is Mary’s Tini from Po Boys in Urbana; this martini is clear looking, but it has a big chocolate taste for only $6.50. The best slushie is definitely Watson’s: I like all, but there’s nothing better than Protect Ya Nectar slush paired with their fried chicken sandwich. (Alyssa Buckley)

Top image by Alyssa Buckley.

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