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BEST at creating lemonade from lemons: Rose Bowl’s patio programming

From our BEST 2020 feature:

BEST at creating lemonade from lemons: Rose Bowl’s patio programming 

Music venues and the hospitality industry have been turned upside down during the pandemic. Most of the music venues in the country are truly mere weeks or months away from closing their doors for good. It is a bleak outlook, and sometimes when you are dealt the most brutal hand you could imagine, oftentimes there’s no fighting back against it. That wasn’t the attitude that Rose Bowl’s crew took on this year.

They faced this pandemic head-on, undergoing many forms throughout the year, from honkey tonk bodega to full-blown outdoor music venue with all of the appropriate social distancing guidelines and rules. It is hard to imagine when we will be spending time indoors experiencing live music again, and while that is a sad prospect to think about, kudos to the crew that saw the COVID-19 troubles and squeezed all they could out of it when so many wouldn’t have blamed them for just closing and waiting until the storm blows over.

Sure, a lot of this is out of necessity, there are bills to pay, but more than that, I think that Rose Bowl’s big heart couldn’t sit back and let people not at least have something to enjoy while everything around us is pretty much total shit.

We are grateful for them and their energy to make the best of the situation. (Patrick Singer)

Top image by Gabriel Solis.

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