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Art@theY presents IN CAHOOTS | Assemblage & Photography by Durango Mendoza

Art @ the Y presents

Humans and what they make, and what nature makes, coexist in the world, giving rise to the term “juxtapose” to describe these close and contrasting relationships. Because these relationships easily become unmade the result is often detritus. The age old questions arise: can relations be reconfigured, is there life after death, can life be extended? To each the answer is yes, although the results may be temporary and ambiguous as well.

These leavings, fragmented and scattered, may, through a slow dance process of choice and change, be captured and formed into new entities that owe their uniqueness to their new mix. These new relationships reveal and highlight the memories of each entity because their new configurations raise questions about the what and why of their original states.

Durango Mendoza is a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma. He has a BA in English Creative Writing from the University of Missouri, attended the School of Art Institute of Chicago, and earned an M.Ed in Interdisciplinary Art Education from Columbia College, Chicago. He has participated in several group and individual exhibits in Illinois and Oklahoma. His works are in a variety of collections. Mr. Mendoza lives in Urbana, Illinois.

All Art @ the Y events are free and open to the public. Art @ the Y is an initiative of the University YMCA, 1001 S. Wright Street, Champaign, IL.

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