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An apology issued, a lesson learned

Yesterday, as part of our April Fool’s Day issue, I posted an article that was an attempt at satire. My intention was to make fun of the transphobic politicians currently perpetuating un-American laws and bigoted policy, and I unintentionally offended the transgendered, and their allies.

It fell flat, and I offended the very group of people I was intending to protect; they deserve far more respect than was offered. 

After it was called to my attention, my attempt at explanation wasn’t the right way for me to handle the situation. Rather than justifying my actions, I should have simply been a better listener. 

We have since removed the article. It is the right thing to do.

I am very sorry if my attempt at humor was a trigger or was upsetting in any way. It was not an attempt to be malicious; it was purely short-sighted and in poor taste. 

I am not perfect, and will never claim to be. I will always do my best to listen to those who feel as though I have wronged them, both in my personal life, and my professional life. I always do my very best to apologize and atone for my actions when necessary. I will continue to do my best in my growth as an individual.

Any delay in my decision to both pull the article and issue an apology is simply a result of giving myself the opportunity to speak with those who were concerned, and to our managing editor, who ultimately makes these decisions.

I stand by Smile Politely’s history and record as being a publication that has been extremely vocal about our positions about the LGBTQ movement and our support of those who lead it. 

But that track record does not give me or this magazine any leeway when it comes to issues like these. I recognize that, and it’s important for me to acknowledge that. 

If anyone wishes to hear from me personally, I am glad to engage, either via email, or in person:

(Edited: Sunday April 3, 2016 6:58 a.m.)

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