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Local rapper Slim Margins inks deal with Rhymesayers Entertainment

What a day for C-U hip-hop. After a rousing set at Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling last month, local rapper Slim Margins has taken the local scene by storm as of late. Though he has yet to have a full show, Slim Margins has garnered the attention of one of America’s most prominent independent record labels, Rhymesayers Entertainment, due to his fire mixtape that he handed out during the CLAW show.

I don’t know how he did it, but somehow one of those tapes must have gotten into the hands of the right people, because this is the first major hip-hop signing to come out of Champaign in the history of ever. The future looks bright for Margins, who promptly announced that he would spend his cash advance exclusively on fitted baseball hats

When asked about the new signing, an A&R Rep for Rhymesayers said:

We really like Margins’ potential. It’s clear that he’s got rhymes for days and whenever I put on his tape, the only thing I can type out is flame emojis. Seriously. I’ve lost the ability to type out words when listening to Slim. That’s just how flame his mixtape is.

Of all the Champaign rappers I would have expected to make it, I must say I am a bit surprised by this development. Though of course, I also wish Margins the best of luck on Rhymesayers, and look forward to his debut album, which is due out in early 2017.

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