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Allerton Park featured in Huffington Post‘s “Most Underrated Tourist Attraction” list

People love lists. Sure, they are all over the place, all of the time — but when they get a little more specific and focused, I can deal with it. It’s pretty cool to see things like this, and get to know a bit more about some hidden gems across the United States.

When it comes to Illinois — there are a wide array of options and destinations, sure. Huffington Post just published a list of “The Most Underrated Tourist Attraction in All 50 States”, and Monticello’s own Allerton Park was listed for Illinois. Check out the list linked above, and discover somethings about other states while you’re at it.

From Huff Po: 

Robert Allerton Park
Touted by some as the Midwest’s must beautiful park, this 1,500-acre meticulously landscaped estate’s grounds were dreamed up by the industrialist and philanthroper Robert Allerton, who transformed them into a fantastical series of gardens bedecked with Neoclassical statues and Far Eastern art.

I mean, check out that photo of that statue — just one of many aspects of Allerton — beautiful, isn’t it?

Check out our very own Sam Logan’s piece on Allerton’s Sun Singer statue here as well.

Photo by Sam Logan.

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