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Oktoberfest serves up seconds

The second annual C-U Oktoberfest was last Saturday in Downtown Champaign. Gates opened at 3 p.m., and entry was $5. Food and beer required tickets ($1 per ticket), and souvenirs were cash only. All proceeds from the event benefited the Developmental Services Center, and this was an easy and entertaining way to support this significant local organization.

After getting some tickets, I went to find a beer. The Blind Pig, JT Walker’s, Destihl, and Triptych were there, and I opted for the Triptych options: a festbier and a Märzen. The Märzen was a quasi-collaboration between Triptych, JT Walker’s, and The Blind Pig, in that all three breweries used the same recipe from Bill Morgan, the brewmeister at The Blind Pig.

Both beers were delicious; the festbier was light and fun and tasted like a party, while the Märzen was a little heavier, but still light enough for me to stuff my face with food and enjoy the rest of the day (5 tickets each).

Speaking of food, White Horse Inn provided traditional German fare. It was sehr gut (whole plate, 8 tickets)!


Swiss bockwurst

And apparently no Oktoberfest is complete without barbeque, provided for us by Chester’s.

Destihl was selling some soft Bavarian-style pretzels (3 tickets). There was a lovely lady with a pretzel sword walking around, and a gentleman following her with a jar for tickets. 

The pretzel tasted good, but was a little dry. It would have been more delicious with some beer and cheese dip. 

For those with a sweet tooth (me), Norden collaborated with Cream & Flutter on a butter kuchen (3 tickets). It was also delicious.

There was polka music and dancing for all ages, and balloon animals for the kids.

All in all, I’d say that the second annual C-U Oktoberfest was a success, and I look forward to next year.

Check out the rest of my photos below. 

All photos by Jessica Hammie. 

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