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C-U history through the lens

Photographers Robert McCandless, Larry Kanfer, Darrell Hoemann, and Brian Stauffer (above, from left to right) were present on March 18th to speak at the most recent installment of the Town & Gown Speaker Series, Images of Champaign-Urbana: Local Photographers Capture Our History.

The event was moderated by Jack Brighton, taking place in the Urbana Free Library’s Lewis Auditorium.

“People are interesting to photograph because… they’re people.” — Robert Mcandless (above)

“The best photographers are not those who don’t make mistakes. The best are the ones who learn the most from their mistakes.” — Brian Stauffer (above)

Glass slides used to take photographs

“I rode a bicycle to the landing pad, we put the bicycle in the back of the chopper, and took off. If you want to know the rest, we’ll need some wine.” — Darrell Hoemann (above)

“We used to be limited by our tools. Now we are limited by our imagination.” — Larry Kanfer (above)

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