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A visual tour of the stores in Lincoln Square

Here are the categories of businesses you can find at Lincoln Square in Urbana:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Food
  • Law Offices
  • Community Resources
  • Retail
  • Art Related
  • Religion Related
  • Historical Displays

Browse through these photos of the businesses that exist there, even if you have been to Lincoln Square — you may find that you’ve missed something, or something has closed or opened. Enjoy!

Health and Fitness


Bent Bean will be closed until January 17th (below)

Art Mart (below)

Eighty Eight Broadway is closed (below)

Law Offices

Community Resources

Alcohol and drug treatment counseling (below)

Carle HR has a new home. They moved from the upstairs of Lincoln Square to this space in the same hall way as the Co-op. 


Brownfield Sports is closed (below)

Connections has expanded and now includes a household section (below)

So (sew) sassy.


The Art Coop (above and below) has racks-on-racks-on-racks of cool posters

There are some really nice paintings along the walls (below)

The Art Party Studio (below) is a fun place to learn how to paint. Read my full article on this awesome spot by clicking here

February 14th, 2015 is the kick-off of the Lincoln Square Best in Show Photography display. If you’re a photographer you’re going to want to enter. Click here for details. 

A wall for mall-goers to share “good thingz.”

Carlos and Willeta got some good thingz going on, uh huh, 54 years. You go Carlos and Willeta. 

Who took these? I wish they were signed! 


Historical Displays

I am really not sure what this easter bunny display was all about. Ah, the wonders of Lincoln Square.

Historical display about Lincoln Square opening it’s doors (below)

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