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Your library card gets you rare performance footage

Urbana Free Library has announced a new resource available to its patrons: Music Online. Logging in from a computer located inside the library or using your UFL card number from your computer or mobile device gets you access to Alexander Street Press’ vast database of video and music performances to stream, listen to, and even borrow for two weeks.  

The video above is nearly an hour long, but on the website is tracked out so the viewer can easily choose what interests her. Many videos even have a “Transcripts” tab that highlights the libretto as it’s being performed. The variety is impressive, from Hollywood dance numbers to entire ballets, “Dirty South/Crunk” bands to Neil Patrick Harris and Christina Hendricks in Sondheim’s Company, they are all available to our community, for free, thanks to the power of your local library. 

Visit the library or click here to get detailed instructions about how to enjoy this wealth of resources.  

Watch below for the aforementioned NPH on Broadway.  

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