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You should be eating pizza for dinner tonight

Tonight is going to be the last night of this cold weather that seemed like it was going to last forever and we were going to live in this world where we waited for warmth and sunshine like they were Godot. That’s not happening. And we’re inching closer to sun and sanity.

Regardless, it’ll be natural to want to go explore the outside world when the temperatures become a bit more manageable. And with that said, you’re not going to do that tonight. Tonight, you are staying the heck inside because it’ll be 1 degree out and there’s no way in hell you’re going to get groceries, cook, or even get out of your car to pick up dinner.

Tonight, you’re ordering pizza. To be more specific, you’re ordering Jet’s Pizza. Why? Just look at that crust. When you’re bundled up on the couch and watching Scandal, you’re going to want the crispy, buttery goodness surrounding your homemade sauce and fresh cheese. Anything else is a disservice to you. A flimsy, soft cheese circle just doesn’t provide the full body hug of a nice crunchy squared slice.

You know what? The week is almost over, you deserve to upgrade to Turbo Crust. Add a little parmesan and romano to your life. Get a little crazy with it. It’s pizza. It’s supposed to be fun.

If you’re going to go toe to toe with the cold tonight, do it with a slice of pizza. Do it with the right slice, though, and have the folks from Jet’s deliver it to you. Don’t waste your time with Peyton Manning’s buddy or the Noid. Get the good stuff.

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