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You can tap a keg of Triptych beer at home

If you’d like your favorite Triptych beer to keep flowing while you’re staying at home, and you have the setup for it at home, you can now purchase a sixtel keg. It’s a plastic, recyclable keg that hold about 40 pints of beer, and for those wondering if their kegerator situation will work, it uses a Sanke-D connection like typical Triptych kegs.

There’s no need for a deposit, or to return the keg. Once it’s empty, you just depressurize and recycle it. Kegs range from $95 to $150, depending on the type of beer you choose. There are several options, including old favorites like Dank Meme and Dirty Hippy, as well as some of their newer options. We’ve recently become fans of Velvet Feels. It’s a delight.

These are available for pickup or delivery, just like the cans and crowlers. Allow one business day for processing.

Note: Just because you have a keg, doesn’t mean you get to have people over. It just means you get more of that delicious brew all to yourself (and whatever other adult might live in your house). 

Photo from Triptych website. 

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