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You can help pick a new name for the Illinois Reentry Guide

The Illinois Reentry Guide Initiative and the Education Justice Project of UIUC want your help in naming the guide! The purpose of the guide is to help people leaving prison make a successful return and transition to their Illinois communities. 

From the contest website

We’re having a naming contest for a permanent name for the Illinois Reentry Guide! This is a 100+ page resource for individuals leaving prison, used by them, their families, and service providers. We’ve learned that the term “reentry” is confusing to some. We’re looking a name that is clear, helpful, and welcoming. Share your ideas!

Entries should be limited to 16 characters, reflect the humanizing tone and purpose of the guide, be easily understood by the guide’s target audience (currently and formerly incarcerated people, their family members, and service providers), be original, not cause confusion with any other similar business or enterprise, and not be the trademark, trade name or property of any other person or entity.

There is no prize– just the satisfaction of being selected and helping make this valuable resource more accessible.

To check out the current edition of the Illinois Reentry Guide and learn more about the Education Justice Project, visit

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