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You can help name a bison skull

A 400 year old bison skull was discovered on Champaign County Forest Preserve property last year, and now you have the opportunity to give it a name. The CCFPD has set up a survey to give you some options, as well as a “fill in the blank” selection for you to suggest your own. Now, keep it classy C-U. We don’t need a local Boaty McBoatface situation (though apparently said submarine just made an important scientific discovery).

If you want to see the skull, and also celebrate its discovery, you can also attend a Bison Birthday Celebration at Middle Fork River Forest Preserve on June 29th from 1 to 3 p.m.

There will be a presentation by Steven Kuehn, Zooarchaeologist with the Illinois State Archaeological Survey, followed by a host of educational activities where you can learn more about bison and their presence in our area. 

The event is free, and will take place at the Activity Center. 

Photo from Museum of the Grand Prairie Facebook page

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