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You can get beer plus a few essentials from Rose Bowl Tavern

Rose Bowl Tavern is selling a whole bunch of packaged alcohol right now: various six-packs of beer, bottles of wine, liquor bottles. Now they are creating a little one-stop shop where you can also grab some snacks, canned goods, toiletries, and CBD products. 

Their goal is to have this be a way to get some essentials without having to go into a grocery store. They are even offering contactless payment through a QR code posted on their door. 

Here’s a peek at their current inventory:

A white 8.5 by 11 piece of paper with a listing of beverages for sale. It is taped to a glass door.

Metal shelves with Skittles, M&M's, Reese's, Snickers, Everfresh Juice bottles, Gatorade bottles, wine bottles, and packages of ramen.

A metal shelf with Everfresh grapefruit juice, Colgate, Irish Spring soap, and a box of Tampax tampons.

A metal shelf with individual bottles of Gatorade, cans of soda and Red Bull, and bottles of Everfresh juice.

A metal shelf with bottles of bourbon and cans of Busch Light and Stiegl Radler.

A metal shelf with cans of refried beans, black beans, cream of mushroom soup, Hormel chili, baked beans, and sirloin burger soup.

A rack with multiple individual bags of snacks clipped to it: Fritos, Lays, Gardettos, Doritos, M&Ms.

A gray t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, and sweatshirt with a red rose and Rose Bowl Tavern on the front.

Photos from Rose Bowl Tavern Facebook page. 

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