Smile Politely

WPGU wants your input, I think

Commenters (and writers) on this site have frequently debated the merits of various WPGU playlists, so here’s your opportunity to give them input. THEY want YOU to TELL them WHAT you WANT to HEAR. This all happens on their music panel page, which is blocked from the computer I’m currently using, so I don’t really know what happens.

Anyway, you should tell them to play “Telepathic Traffic” by the Archers of Loaf around 5:15 p.m., because that is like the best rush hour song ever. Because when you’re stuck in traffic on 94, heading back from your terrible job at that gambling magazine, it would just be so awesome to hear. Then later when you’re at the C.C. Club, you will ask your friends if they heard it and they’ll say yes and give you a high five. Seriously Mary Lucia, will you just play it once? I mean, you request it like every day. Why won’t she listen? Does she think she’s too good because she’s Paul Westerberg sister? C’mon, it’s a good song!

I miss Minneapolis sometimes.

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