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With golf courses reopening May 1st, here’s what you need to know

Governor Pritzker issued some new regulations for the state, as Illinois will continue the stay-at-home order through May 31st. Though everyone should be practicing social distancing as much as possible so we can flatten the curve, as the weather starts to improve moving through spring into summer, we should find the best way to engage with the outdoors without potentially spreading COVID-19 further.

If you’re like me, you jumped on this deal that Lake of the Woods in Mahomet had going back in 2018. This means I still have a year left on my membership, and I look forward to playing golf this summer, no doubt. Thankfully LOTW is an awesome course to walk, as you’re surrounded by the natural forest preserves.

Now if I can just hone in on my fade, I can really crush it on the first few holes of their back 9. You gotta have control back there or else you’ll get in trouble in the trees (I’ve learned the hard way).

Here are the basics:

  • Walking only (no carts, unless you have special request based on a disability)
  • Tee times spread out to 15 minutes with online or telephone bookings
  • No touching of the flagstick, foam in the cups for easy ball retrieval
  • No food service and clubhouses that will remain closed
  • Limited to twosomes (no threesomes or foursomes allowed)

Check in with your golf course of choice to see what their rules are as well (Legends, U of I Course, and others of course). Here are a few posts made by LOTW that helps illustrate the guidelines a bit more:

Top photo from Lake of the Woods’ website.

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